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Freight Analysis:

We help you streamline your supply chain by analyzing your transportation network and costs. Utilizing our Supply Chain Modeler and our LTL Carrier Rate Analysis tools, we perform effective costing analysis for your company. Supply Chain Modeler, a powerful pricing analysis decision support tool re-rates historical shipments by modifying key variables for what-if type transportation costing scenarios. LTL Carrier Rate Analysis allows you to compare the relationship between LTL carrier rate bases. This powerful tool will help your company in choosing the best tariff for your organization, or to determine the correct FAK to be used in your LTL costing model.

The benefits of Freight Analysis are:

  • Perform What-If scenarios
  • Discover Your Least Cost Carrier Routing
  • Maximize Savings with the Correct Rate Base
  • Make Highly Confident Decisions
  • Know Your Cost Impact due to Relocation
  • Compare Costs between Carrier Base Rates

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