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Competitive Data is Derived from Information Taken From Company Web Sites and Customer Communications.
Services Listed are Small Representation of the Complete Services Offered by TSi Logistics.


Electronic Data Interchange


Customer Customized Accounting Code Processing


Transaction Inquiry Process for Carriers and Customers


Multiple Account Code Allocations


Systemic Auditing of Multiple Modes


Ad-Hoc Reporting Capabilities


Ability to Download and Manipulate Report Data


Twenty Four Hour Seven Day a Week Report Access


Customer Resolution Web Site for Problem Bills


Non-Asset Based Companies


Web Site for Carrier Freight Bill Entry


Verification of Shipment through Bill of Lading Match


Flexibility to Turn any Type File into EDI


Dedicated Customer Service


Rate and Route Analysis - Recommendation of Lower Cost Carriers in Audit Process


Pricing Analysis for Carrier Cost Comparison using Historical Data


Customer Bill of Lading Accruals


In-House Translation of EDI


Customized Data Capture by Mode of Transportation


More than 300 Report Templates


Resolution Site for Carriers to Solve Problem Freight Bills


Mileage Calculations Using Different Mileage Engines


Capture of Carrier Service Standards on Every Freight Bill


Rate Each Shipment for Both Actual and FAK Class


Proactive Electronic Notification to Carriers of Problem Freight Bills


Capture of Over 100 Data Elements


Allocation of Freight Charges to SKU


Multi-Level Auditing for Benchmarking Carrier Rates (Buy & Sell)


Verification of Shipment through Purchase Order Match


Verification of Receipt through Dock Receiving Match File


Itemized Accessorial Charges Both Invoiced and Paid


Capture Shipping Costs at Multiple Company Levels (Corporate to Branch)


Duplicate Validation on Freight Bills Based on Key Shipment Information


Duplicate Validation on Package Level Detail on Key Shipment Information


Verification of Pro Number Length Differentiating Alpha and Numeric Values


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