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EDI Resources at TSi:

EDI is a standard way to electronically transfer data between software applications. TSi supports standard transaction sets used for shipping and billing information to process your freight bills, bills of lading, purchase orders and other freight documents. Below are the descriptions of Inbound and Outbound transaction sets TSi supports.

Inbound ::
Carrier Transaction Sets (4010 version):
210 – Freight Bill Invoice:
LTL - Less than Truckload freight invoice (.pdf file)
TL - Truckload freight invoice (.pdf file)
110 – Air freight invoice (.pdf file)
410 – Rail freight invoice (.pdf file)
310 – Ocean freight invoice (.pdf file)

Customer Transaction Sets:
211 – Bill of Lading (.pdf file)
858 – Bill of Lading (.pdf file)
850 – Purchase Order (.pdf file)

Custom/Proprietary Flat Files:
214 - Shipment statuses (.pdf file)
*All EDI compliant transactions are acknowledged with 997’s (FA) (.pdf file)

Outbound ::
820 – Remittance Advice (.pdf file)

Helpful Hints ::
A carrier needs to send the following information for 210,110,310 and 410 transaction sets:
- Pro/Invoice numbers
- Bill of Lading/Purchase Order numbers (if applicable) – customer specific
- Pieces and weight
- Rate Types – flat rate, per mile, per hundred (ANSI standard)
- Complete shipper and consignee information – including valid USPS zip codes
- Accessorial codes – ANSI standard

Communications ::
FTP - preferred – no charge
VANs - (carrier will absorb all charges)

iEntry ::
(Non-EDI capable carriers)
If you are not EDI capable or can not afford a VAN provider, we have an option of iEntry. This is our online web billing. Most carriers can use this option to incorporate themselves into the paperless environment. Unlike other interfaces iEntry is a pretty simple self learning tool and it does not require any training at all. Some major benefits of this tool are:

  • Faster processing
  • No cost for special programs – only requires web access and internet explorer
  • Direct feeds to our system

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