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We provide your company with an interactive online Internet tool called iClaims to immediately initiate your freight claims on lost or damaged products. Support documentation such as packing slips, invoices, or photo images can be uploaded along with the claim information. This increases the claims processing speed and ensures immediate visibility to all lost and damaged shipments.

iClaims provides a very effective tool to allow your company or multiple facilities or departments within your organization to initiate the claims process on any loss or damage freight claim. All it takes is access to the internet and only requires minimal claims related data to be entered into the iClaims module. This information then enables TSi Logistics to begin the claims filing process. As an added feature the supporting documentation for the claim can be attached to the iClaim and used in the presentation of the claim to the carrier. The claim number that is assigned at the time of preparation will be used throughout the life cycle of the claim. This gives you complete visibility to a claim from the time it is initiated through to resolution.

Customers using this technology have experienced faster recovery rates on their claims, the ability to effectively process time barred claims especially on concealed damage, and enables an automated means of being a central repository on all carrier loss and damage claims activities for a company.

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