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iTools® is a user-friendly real-time interactive web tool offered by TSi for our customers and their carrier partners to gather important information about their freight bills, to resolve problem freight bills, to rate shop shipments, or to simply look up mileages. iTools® is integrated with our Logistics Management Solution suite. A brief description of each of the iTools® functions is outlined below.

iEntry™ is a fast way for customers and their carriers to enter freight invoices directly on-line. The information is passed through a series of validations as if the freight bill was received via EDI. Data integrity is assured and also provides immediate feedback of any entry errors. Supporting documentation, such as bills of lading or delivery receipts can be uploaded with the freight bill information.

iFBStatus™ provides real-time status information of your freight bill during the audit and payment process. This powerful tool makes the look up of freight bill payment statuses very simple yet extremely informative. The current entry and payment status of the requested freight bills is displayed to you in real-time. Drill down capability of detailed information is possible by simply clicking on the desired freight bill. The details include the entire freight bill data plus a complete payment history.

iResolution™ satisfies the need to improve the timeliness of the payment cycle on problem freight bills needing customer’s assistance. This tool was specifically designed to provide our customers with an easy interactive process to address freight bills requiring input or approval prior to payment. An image of the problem freight bill and its supporting documents are scanned and posted to the website. Decision-makers within your organization are notified and the freight bill is resolved immediately on-line. Once this is accomplished, the freight bill can resume its processing thus saving time and money.

iCorrections™ also satisfies the need to improve the timeliness of the payment cycle on problem freight bills needing carrier assistance. Historically, we have provided carriers with weekly notifications of freight bills submitted either in error or requiring additional information to satisfy our customer’s business requirements. We have taken this process one step further and present the freight bill image and data elements on-line. The carrier can access the web site with proper security, and update the freight bill in real-time or upload missing support documentation such as bills of lading or delivery receipts.

iVisibility™ provides our customers and their carrier partners with a single source means to track each of their shipments. Two sets of tools have been developed to meet our customers varying requirements to trace and track shipments. The first tool, iShipTrack™ provides a simple means of tracking shipments using links to web sites to track shipments directly on the carriers’ Internet site. The second tracking process is iShipStatus™ where we will set up an EDI trading partner relationship with carriers to import EDI 214 shipment status information on all participating customer shipments. This offers you flexible options for single source shipment tracking and provides accurate shipment information with minimal customer allocation of costly resources.

iPricing™ provides central viewing of your pricing sheets. We use imaging technology to store our customer’s tariffs, contracts and rate agreements with their carriers. Images of your carrier’s pricing agreements can be viewed directly on line using this tool. Let TSi be your central repository of all your tariffs and contracts.

iHistorical™ is an on line tool that allows a customer to view images if their historical freight bills that have been captured in the freight bill payment process at TSi Logistics. The images will be of all freight bills processed including EDI, Web Entered invoices and Paper Documents. We include the supporting documentation that is associated with each invoice submitted for payment. A key feature of the iHistorical™ web tool is the ability to forward any image via e-mail directly to another party.

iMileage™ provides quick trip calculations between cities or zip codes. You can even include multiple stop off points and the mileage calculator will provide leg miles along with total miles. Great tool for line-haul or travel calculations.

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