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Freight Claims with iClaims:

"We have saved our customers over $15 million dollars in freight claims recovers and would like to show you what we can do for you."

  • Eighty Seven Percent (87%) recovery ratio.
  • Loss and Damage Claims concluded 35% faster then the industry standard.
  • Certified Claims Professionals on staff.
  • Web tool for notification of loss and damage claims by customers.
  • Excellent Reporting Tools.
  • Offering global freight claim solutions.

TSi uses state of the art technology, experienced professionals, and extensive industry knowledge to collect 87% of the monies that have been filed for loss and damage claims with carriers. As you know, this is an impressively high figure! Our customers realize a tremendous rate of return in using TSi in the filing, processing and collection of their freight claims.

Professional claims executives with the sole purpose of ease of use and maximizing claim recoveries have assisted in the development of the TSi Logistics iVelocity™ claims software. Key features include:

Dedicated Processing -We simplify the complex process of claims preparation and mitigation. We are able to process claims for complete financial losses. These losses would include; markdowns, salvage credits, prorated freight costs, labor costs, interest expense and other costs that would be rightfully recovered. We provide the ability to allocate financial recoveries on claims over multiple General Ledger accounts based on your business requirements. Extensive claim tracking and alerts are available such as the automated Follow-up Letters to ensure key deadlines are executed timely.

iClaims –We provide your facilities an interactive on-line Internet access to immediately initiate your claims on loss or damaged products. Support documentation such as packing slips, invoices, or photo images can be uploaded along with the claim form. This increases the claims processing speed and ensures immediate visibility to all loss and damaged shipments.

Status Reporting - There are more than 50 report configurations to relate status information and details on all claims filed and collected.

Are your loss & damage claims processes pro-active or are they re-active to positions presented by the carrier? How does your success in claims recovery compare to the carrier’s success of claims denial. Consider the following:

  • How long does it take you to collect your claim dollars?
  • How much time is spent in processing and collecting your claims?
  • How many of your claims have been denied?
  • What is the value of your lost profit resulting from claim declinations?

Our staff of claims examiners average ten years of claims processing and collection experience. This extensive industry knowledge has allowed for a collection rate that is 35% faster than the industry standard. We retain on staff a Certified Claims Professionals to address the most complicated and difficult claims challenges. In fact, the Transportation Consumer Protection Council on numerous issues has utilized our assistance and experience.
Unlike many of our competitors, freight claims processing is one of our core competencies and not a secondary process in our operation. We have saved our customers over $4 million dollars in claims recoveries and would like to show you what we can do for you.

What Do Freight Bill Losses Really Cost?
All partners in transportation and logistical arrangements have a direct interest in the cost of loss and damage claims, cargo insurance, freight charges and bankruptcies. They all have exposure to liability and unnecessary losses whether using or providing common or contract carrier services. The “surprises” in transportation arrangements being experienced in a less-regulated environment have been costly to all parties!

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