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Overcharge Claims:

"Claims are automated process when overcharges by carriers are detected. It can process single or multiple freight bills."

Overcharge Claims process was designed for companies that wish to post audit freight bills after they have been paid. If it is determined that the bill was overpaid, then the system is used to submit an overcharge claim to the respective carrier for a refund.

Entering data into iVelocity™ is a quick process. You will select the carrier, the type claim, freight bill date, freight bill number, billed amount, paid amount and correct charges iVelocity™ calculates the amount overcharged. If you have several overcharges for the same carrier you are allowed to enter 50 per claim.

After entering the information save the data, a claim number is assigned, print the claim form and submit to the carrier.

The overcharge reporting tool will allow you to generate aging letters, get a detail of overcharge claims by carrier, a summary of overcharge claims by number and also a summary of overcharge claims by number. It's an easy process to manage your overcharge claims quickly and efficiently.

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