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TSi Logistics is a Third Party Logistics Company offering global transportation and logistics services. Since our founding in 1993 our vision has been to be the best at what we do. We are industry leaders in the volume of information captured from each customer transaction, thus increasing supply chain visibility to our customers, and bringing verifiable value to their bottom line.

Managing logistics costs in today’s global marketplace is a critical component to your company’s financial success. TSi Logistics specializes in tailoring solutions to fit your company’s unique requirements and to grow with your changing needs. We have utilized flexibility and technology to maximize the efficiency of international logistics services and ensure a positive return on your logistics dollar.

We are committed to take the time to listen to our customers and dynamically customize processes to support their unique business requirements. Our commitment is to provide your company with a responsiveness that is unprecedented in our industry. We are dedicated to this philosophy because we understand that a successful relationship depends on the delivery of state of the art technology, a focus on quality, flexible processes and unparalleled service.

We at TSi Logistics believe that flexibility and technology are keys to the success in providing our customers with a global service offering. We are focused on providing you with the services that maximize your return-on-investment within your supply chain.

TSi Logistics Awards and Recognition:

Inbound Logistics

TSi Logistics is chosen one of Inbound Logistics 2006 Top 100 3PL Companies.

Who could have foreseen the fundamental changes that globalization would have on supply chain and logistics management? Can you imagine the difficulty that business logistics professionals would face without the world-class logistics solutions offered by companies like TSi Logistics? Each year, Inbound Logistics editors select the best logistics solutions providers by carefully evaluating submitted information, and comparing it to the burgeoning global supply and logistics challenges of our readers. It is a daunting task to match the capabilities of leading 3PLs with the complex logistics and supply chain needs of Inbound Logistics readers, and this year we are proud to recognize TSi Logistics as one of Inbound Logistics' 2006 Top 100 3PLs. Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics

  • Top 100 Logistics Information Technology Provider in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.
  • Delta Airlines Transportation Logistics Supplier of the Year
  • A major regional carrier has rated TSi Logistics payment quality as World Class.
    • For the third quarter of 2005.
    • First and second quarter of 2006.

Statement on Auditing Standards:

At TSi Logistics, we pride ourselves on offering some of the very best logistical tools in the market place. Equally important to us is providing our customers and their carrier partners with accurate and state of the art services. To this end, we have successfully completed a Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) 70 Type II audit. We retained a certified public accounting firm to thoroughly review our processes and procedures to accomplish this audit. Our processes, procedures and controls have been audited to ensure that we are providing the quality of service our customers expect from us.

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