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Logistics Management:

Rate Shop:

"Freight Rating and Routing Decision Support Tool"

Rate Shop is a multi-faceted decision support tool for simply quoting freight rates, shipment routings, or the intricacy of auditing your freight charges. This powerful shipment rating module is designed to take your specific pricing negotiated with your carriers and calculate your transportation costs with accuracy on each shipment across all of your preferred carriers.

Rate Shop is very simple to use and designed for use by both transportation and non-transportation professionals alike. Rate and Route allows you to enter your origin and destination points along with the corresponding shipment parameters. During the calculations, your shipment is rated against all negotiated pricing for all modes of transportation. The results are promptly displayed and carriers are ranked in order of least cost to highest cost. The rating results will also reflect the gross rate, your discount percentage, any accessorial charges, and carrier performance based on mode specific service transit times.

Key features of Rate Shop are:

  • Multi-Modal Capability
  • Rate Shop by Specific Modes of Transportation
  • Rate Shop Specific Carriers
  • Calculates Applicable Accessorial Charges
  • Multi-Stop Rating Capability
  • Proration of Costs for Each Stop on a Shipment
  • Allows Carrier Selection Based on Transit Time Requirements
  • Shows Detail Rate Calculation for each Rate Calculated
  • Shows Discounted vs. Retail rates
  • Calculates best price based on Deficit Weight breaks

In a recent transportation publication, it was stated that companies using a rate shop like tool are able to select the optimal carrier in each lane resulting in a 5 to 10% transportation savings. If you are interested in saving this and possibly more off your transportation expenditure, consider using the Rate Shop module in your daily routing and rating process.

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