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"Want to know what you really spend on transportation costs?"

TSi Logistics is proud to present to you our powerful reporting capability. If you are looking for transportation information about activity in a specific transportation lane you can have this. If you need to know what you spent in transportation costs for a given period of time this is available to you as well. If you need to know how much money your company spent with a specific carrier or where you stand with your claims activity this information and much more is available in the reports module within the iVelocity™ software application.

Because we understand that information is critical in the management of a logistics network we at TSi have developed a robust suite of over 300 report templates that allows for thousands of report variations to be queried and reviewed. Each report can be downloaded to MS Excel for further manipulation and analysis. In addition, we have Ad-Hoc query capability that allows custom creation of unique reports for special reporting needs. The features of Reporting are:

  • Over 300 Report Formats
  • Thousands of Report Combinations
  • Available Thru a Browser
  • Ad-Hoc Capability
  • Download to MS Excel
  • Produce Unique Reports
  • Achieve High Visibility of Costs

TSi Logistics has developed the tools to allow customer visibility to all aspects of their transportation and distribution operations. You can access information like this by contacting TSi to start the process of becoming one of our valued customers.

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