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Freight Payment:










Freight Bill Payment:

Highlights of our Freight Bill Audit and Payment process:

  • A worldwide payment and audit solution is available to customers with global logistics requirements.
  • Capable of processing and reporting international taxes such as VAT, GST etc.
  • Over 80% of transactions are done through electronic processes.
  • An image of all documents processed is created to eliminate the need for our customers to store paper freight bills.
  • We are a leader in the volume of data captured from each freight bill.
  • General Ledger accounting codes will be applied to each freight bill based on a customer’s specific business requirements.
  • Allocation of freight charges can also be applied down to the product level.
  • Customers are receiving a positive Return On Investment from our audit recoveries.
  • We find approximately one in nine freight bills require a rate adjustment.

TSi Logistics offers a worldwide freight bill audit and payment solution. We are capable of auditing and paying freight bills on any transportation movements regardless of the origin or destination on a freight bill. Included in our international payments we capture, audit and report required global taxes. We are a leader in freight bill payment technology from our virtual paperless processing environment through the acceptance of freight bill information via EDI transactions, scanning of bills and shipping documents, to direct entry of bills by carriers or customers via the web, as well as our sophisticated manual entry process. Each freight bill transaction regardless if received via paper, EDI or web entry will have an image of the documents or data available for viewing on line or to be downloaded to a CD and forwarded to a customer for data retention.

In the payment process we capture more supply chain related data than is standard in the freight bill audit and payment industry. This information is useful in ways beyond just the payment of your freight bills. The data that is captured will provide a means of measuring key matrices of your logistics network in identifying supply chain initiatives.

During the payment process, our application systemically validates the information on the freight bills against all other types of shipment documents such as bills of lading, purchase orders or other customer specific data files. Validations against duplicates are the most comprehensive available. We validate for duplicates using Freight Bill Numbers, Bill of Lading Numbers, Shipment Characteristics and a host of other document tracking sources. Allocations of freight charges to your GL account codes are routine for us. We have automation in place to allocate freight expense to multiple GL account codes by pieces, by weight, equitable allocation, or your own business logic. Accrual processing is not a problem for us. We will prepare accrual reports to assist our customers with the allocation of freight spend in the proper financial accounting period.

Unlike many of our competitors, freight costs can be allocated down to the SKU or Product level. This gives our customers better visibility into the true cost of transportation and assists our customers with valuable information in the management of their supply chain.

We offer a wide variety of web based support tools to allow our customers and their carriers with direct access to their freight bill payment data. We provide on-line tools to check the status on freight bills, tools for resolving freight bill problems, real time update capability on key carrier invoicing errors and the ability to view historical images of freight bill transactions via our on-line iTools®.

Freight Bill Audit

Before we pay your freight bills, we offer Pre-Auditing services. We will audit your freight charges against your negotiated rates and ensure accurate payment. This guarantees that you pay carriers only what they are owed. Our exclusive software package contains one of the most comprehensive systemic audit processes in the market place. Along with our experienced staff of auditing professionals, we focus on addressing your specialized pricing requirements resulting in a complete, and accurate audit of your freight bills. We easily handle multiple modes of transportation, and address the varied and complex pricing presented by your global transportation service providers.

Our audits have resulted in an 11.5% average adjustment savings for our customers. As you can see these are impressive results providing an excellent return on your investment. As an added bonus, we are capable of auditing each freight bill not only for the carrier that handled the movement but against other transportation companies that your organization has rate programs with. The audit process will recommend lower cost alternative carriers if they exist. This multiple carrier audit empowers our customers to maximize the savings from using the most cost effective carrier on each transportation movement. With all of the valuable audit tools offered by TSi Logistics our typical customer will experience recoveries from the audit process in excess of the fees that are paid to us resulting in a positive return on investment.

Freight Bill Post Auditing:

"We offer a complete audit for your freight bills, uncovering lost dollars and putting those dollars where they do the most good-your bottom line!"

TSi performs secondary or after-the-fact audits on freight invoices that have been paid by other methods or service providers. The audits will recover dollars paid to transportation companies in error. We audit from actual paper freight bills or from imported historical data files to perform these post audits. Each carrier invoice will be reviewed against your unique negotiated pricing, considering the correct application of tariffs, contracts, classifications, discounts, accessorial charges and other price-related issues. Each bill receives detailed verification and validation for accuracy. If a discrepancy is discovered, we will use our Overcharges Claims module to file an overcharge claim with your carrier and also manage the entire process through to collection. Often we will load your freight bill data in our system for auditing and this will offer your company some of the powerful tools available in our iVelocity™ application. The data captured will provide the foundation for the use of our many report templates to look at freight flow patterns and trends, access to imaging technology where historical images can be produced for each freight bill audited, and ad hoc queries for custom reporting. The post audit data capture will provide information for our analysis tools to perform carrier costing comparisons or the selection of the best rate base to use in carrier negotiations.

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